Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Hurt

As I sit here with aches I am reminded that being able to move it good! I attended a butts and gutts class at work yesterday and since I have not fully embraced the exercise portion of the program it was hard but I got through! We have a promo that runs through Dec 19th at work and it is my launch into the exercise that I need to work into my daily life. I struggle with winter ... the short days, no sun, the cold. I have done some research on Seasonal Affective Disorder which I think I have had for awhile but seems to have gotten worse this year. Looking forward to the coming weekend and some time with my family up north!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

38 degrees and hiking!

What a wonderful morning for a walk in the woods! Chris had another adventure out at Eagle Creek this morning. The temp at 8AM was 38 and there were flurries in the air! We had a great 1 hour walk in the woods with great friends and fellow project members. That was followed by Pilates and some yoga. We had yummy healthy snacks afterwards and a chance to chat more with one another. My chicken chili was a hit and I am glad to have shared with everyone. Looking forward to the next great adventure .... cross country skiing was mentioned and I would love to give that a try since I failed at the downhill skiing back in the day ... another story for another time. Til next time ... be healthy!