Sunday, December 21, 2008

A New Tradition

I was north this weekend to celebrate an early family Christmas. I awoke on Saturday AM to find my niece and nephew up and ready to work out. Although the weather did not cooperate .... they had ice, cold and snow making outdoor exercise a hazard. We took our work out indoors. Friday night we discussed some of the activities that we would do and now it was time to do it ... no excuses!
We started on the eliptacle and jump rope to warm up. We each took turns picking what we would do ... sit ups, push ups, weights, planks .... we all had fun and it made 45 minutes pass quickly. Next it was into the shower and prep for our trip to the p's house. My sister noticed the sound of the fire truck in the neighborhood and thought that Santa must be onboard since the sound kept going and going .... sure enough he was onboard and passing out candy to the few kids that braved the elements to greet him. Mind you, my niece and nephew were in the doorway and I was the one on the street greeting him and picking up candy! A great holiday was had by all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Found a new class

There is much to be said for all class instructors that are out there. They can make or break a class. I found someone that is up to the standards that Chris set for me in what I expect in an instructor. You know what I am talking about .... an instructor that is able to conduct a class but still give you personalized attention in class. Someone that actually cares and it not just pushing themselves through a work day. For someone that struggles, is out of shape and practice, it means a lot to have some attention while exercising! My new found class is pilates with Lindsey. I took it (meaning one class) a few years ago and about puked right in class! I had over worked myself and I think forgot to breathe! Somehow I always forget that part and am not sure when to breath in or out so it is also important for the instructor to remind you! I never went back until our adventure with Chris when Carrie led us in a short pilates class. I decided to give it a try at work. I have attended two classes and want to continue! I never thought that would happen with a pilates class! I am quite sore from yesterday's class but shall push on to the next class. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I was not aware but ProMotion Fitness was the party responsible for my wonderful Saturday morning Zumba class. You are a GREAT group of people and I thank you all for your help and support with wellness!

I got the tree up and some other decorating done over the weekend. Most the gifts are wrapped, only a few more to buy.

My brothers wedding (Joe and Ashley) is on New Year's Eve so the count down is on! We will really have a great party this year. I am praying that our weather holds out so that freinds and family can travel safely to the big event and make it back home.

A number of years ago Joe's friend Pete came to our New Year's Eve party in Indy. Indy weather folks were forecasting bad snow storms for New Year's Day (afternoon). My friends headed back north but Pete did not. Needless to say he got snowed in and had to stay with us for about 5 days! Pete has the Best Man honors and has his doubts about traveling here for the holiday! Here's to hoping for safe travels for all this holiday season!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zumba Baby!

What a wonderful morning. The snow was lightly floating. I knew Chris was off running through the woods and hoped he was enjoying the day. I was off to Delta for my first Zumba class. I walked into Delta and saw fellow project pal John and later Margaret and Matt joined us.

Delta offered a trial Zumba class with Cesar. For those of you that do not know what Zumba is ... it is aerobic movement to Latin, Salsa music. Some of the women that have been taking classes with him for the last year or so came out to support and help those of us that are not so coordinated. Now I took Jazzercise for some time but this was fast paced, wonderful movement. I have been humming the beats in my head all day. I wish I could sing the songs but they were most always in Spanish!

I was hot and sweaty once I was done and had met a new friend. Theresa takes classes with Cesar and teaches beginners. I plan to meet up with her and take a class of his at a club near my house. I might get hooked on this Latin grove and boy can Cesar shake! I am really looking forward to another class. More importantly, it seemed like the other Delta folks that ventured out enjoyed themselves as well so I hope to see the class on the schedule at work!

I walked out of work into a winter wonderland .... the snow had picked up. I came home to shower and put up the tree. It truly has been a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This year Santa is getting carrots and celery!

In an effort to fully embrace the program I have decided to leave Santa some raw veggies and if he is good, some of my famous chicken chili! Why is it that this holly, jolly cookie eating man is the man of the season? The man all want to befriend in December? This year, I am sticking with Coach Chris! I am turning in my Santa sleigh for a good pair of walking shoes ... turning in the cookies and milk for raw veggies and water ... lastly turning in the material gifts for the gift of eating healthy and exercise! I say Ba Humbug to the fat man in red!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Good Hurt

As I sit here with aches I am reminded that being able to move it good! I attended a butts and gutts class at work yesterday and since I have not fully embraced the exercise portion of the program it was hard but I got through! We have a promo that runs through Dec 19th at work and it is my launch into the exercise that I need to work into my daily life. I struggle with winter ... the short days, no sun, the cold. I have done some research on Seasonal Affective Disorder which I think I have had for awhile but seems to have gotten worse this year. Looking forward to the coming weekend and some time with my family up north!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

38 degrees and hiking!

What a wonderful morning for a walk in the woods! Chris had another adventure out at Eagle Creek this morning. The temp at 8AM was 38 and there were flurries in the air! We had a great 1 hour walk in the woods with great friends and fellow project members. That was followed by Pilates and some yoga. We had yummy healthy snacks afterwards and a chance to chat more with one another. My chicken chili was a hit and I am glad to have shared with everyone. Looking forward to the next great adventure .... cross country skiing was mentioned and I would love to give that a try since I failed at the downhill skiing back in the day ... another story for another time. Til next time ... be healthy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Something to work towards!

What a beautiful day on Saturday. David rode the Hilly and I volunteered and worked the first rest stop. I have done some volunteering in my time but the bikers that I encountered on Saturday were the nicest group of folks! No one had anything to complain about that I heard. I was on my feet from 8 until 2 pushing donuts, bagels, muffins, apples and bananas. I ran into project grad John Singleton and saw he and Wendy after the ride. I even got to help an injured rider with a lift back to the school. He was bummed as it was his first ride and his friends rode on without him. Seeing everyone and hearing how they enjoyed the ride at least to the first stop has given me some motivation to get on that bike and train in the coming year so I can be there riding next time! I look forward to working with Chris and my fellow project members to reach this goal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Program Rolls On

Had a great lunch with Jana and we are ready to continue down the project path! I have been good about my food again but find myself busy with other running around and cannot get to that blasted exercise. I know that is the last key to this whole thing so what am I going to do? Thursday is my night! I am going to get my bike set up on the trainer so that I can ride away some worries and anything else that comes off with it! Thanks again Chris for allowing me this opportunity to meet such great people and giving me the tools for living a healthy lifestyle! Peace!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eval Results

I am pretty proud of my accomplishments over the last 12 weeks. I am not where I thought I would be but moving in the right direction .... at a slugs pace! Time to step it up a notch and get on track. Can't wait to see what the next 12 bring me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Just met with Coach Chris and chatted about the next 12 weeks. I missed the eval on Sunday so we will see what changes took place during the first 12 weeks on Wednesday. Here is what I know going into Wednesday - I have a dress that needs to be taken in, clothes are getting looser and I wore a pair of pants that had not been on since last summer. I am putting healthier foods into my body. I love that Bulgar chili recipe that I found and have some other 'new' things that I hope to incorporate into my diet (as in food intake not South Beach or Jenny). But most importantly, I have new friendships! We are in this together so let's continue to provide support to each other! Thanks Coach Chris! Peace!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The dress is BIG

What a great feeling! About 7 months, we got fitted for bridesmaid dresses (always a bridesmaid ..... ) and they finally came in. My brother gets married on News Year Eve! I would not let them order a size down even though I was planning on losing weight. I tried the dress on and it is big! I am happy to pay for the alterations! I was not as active with the exercise portion of the 12 week program but am anxious to continue on. With about 13 weeks until the wedding, I am going to commit myself to keeping on with the program.

Thanks so much Chris for the opportunity to be a part of this test group!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Set Backs

I made it home safely but the car suffered a set back. It seems I have some sort of internal transmission problem so the shop is in the process of taking my transmission out to find the broken pieces. It all adds up to me being out of cash quickly! I am still awaiting the final total.

The rains up north over the weekend and changing weather here have caused pain in the foot that had surgery. I was told the weather changes would affect me but doc assures me that goes away with time. It has sidelined me from doing more on my foot than the normal getting away through the day. I am re-reading the program book so that I can get into gear for the next 12 weeks or as Buzz Lightyear says "to infinity and beyond!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Northwest Indiana Floods

What a weekend .... quite different than I expected. I did make the kids party for Sarah. It started raining when we were leaving and rained all night .... 6 inches worth of rain! Needless to say Andrew's baseball game was not going to happen. We got some running around done on Saturday in the wind. The rains started again on Saturday night and never stopped until late Sunday. I got trapped at my sister's since most roads were flooded. Keep the residents of Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas in your thoughts as they recover from the floods and devastation that hit this weekend.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Great weekend ahead

Well, I will be lonely without my honey; he has to work so I am heading north on my own this afternoon. Sarah turned 7 on Tuesday .... yes, she was born prior to the activities on the 11th. God bless those that were affected by that day and those that fight for our freedom.
We told my sister to stop having kids as something big has happened each time. Andrew was born on 3/8/98 and that night northwest Indiana had a snow storm to beat all snow storms. She got to stay longer in the hospital (on a generator, eating turkey sandwiches) and went 'home' to my mom's because they had not gotten her subdivision cleared of snow and the power had not be on yet.
So back to the weekend. I get to supervise the kids party tonight and get some exercise. She is having a party at this indoor place that had big blow up bouncy houses and an obstacle course, I am told. On Saturday we will be enjoying Andrew's baseball game (hope the weather is nice). We will have a family party for Sarah on Sunday. Don't forget football Sunday too and the nascar boys ... the chase in on in Richmond! I also pray for those in the path of Ike ... looks like he might be the only potential downer of the weekend. I hope to some day surprise Chris at class on Saturday but this girl has weekends filled of activity .... I think it is the one thing that bugs David about me ... I am a social butterfly! Peace Out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Life On The Bike

I had been having trouble with my nice carbon riding shoes that I got when I first bought my bike. With my toes problems, the fit had gotten very tight and riding was uncomfortable. Well after surgery when it seemed most the swelling went down, I got myself a new pair of shoes. Nice roomy mountain biking shoes!
David and I spent time looking at the clip options for the new shoes. I was so depressed on Saturday after meeting with the realtor about the east side house that we are trying to sell (that is a whole separate story in itself) that David surprised me with my new pedals and clips!
They are beautiful and shiny! He got to work getting my shoes and bike set up. We finally took some time to ride last night. It was a whole learning curve for me. I had to relearn how to clip in and out so that I could ride safely (with no falls, been there, done that!). It did not take long and I am happy to be back in the saddle riding! The sit bones are fussy this morning but it is a good hurt. Thanks so much for the wonderful gift honey!
Enjoy the day! Christine

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a day

Well, I thought my east side house would be back on the market today but no such luck. Due to bank homes and homes selling below their worth ... we are told it would be better to try to sell by owner or come to close with a windfall of cash. Added stress that I do not need at this time. Who would have thought that building a home 10 years ago would lead to this? Mom always said it was wise to build equity in a home ... well I am afraid there is no such thing these days!

I am trying to be mindful of the principles of the program however, it has been hard and this is a huge sabotager for me. I am trying to be strong but feel that I am at a breaking point. The 12 of Beck's Dark that was in my cart at Marsh went back to the shelf.

This whole thing has gotten me so down ... David felt an early birthday (9/23) present would cheer me up. He tries to encourage me through the program and his present is certainly a great one. See after my surgery my riding shoes for my bike (nice carbon high priced little things) are no longer comfortable so I bought a new pair recently (wider mountain biking shoes). My cleats won't fit so we have been in search of new pedals. Well, he got a wonderful deal on some really great pedals. He has gotten them on my bike and we are off for a ride tomorrow (after doing yard work at the east side house, grrrr). He assures me we can get through this and I will try my best to keep a level head through the process.

On the up side, I am prepared with groceries for the week! I made some of the Bulgar Chili and fresh salsa with stuff from the garden. I am looking forward to a better day tomorrow! Peace out, Christine

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trying to pick up the pace!

I try to incorporate everything that Coach Chris has laid out for us but have continued to stumble on the exercise portion of this program. I did not have an issue getting to the gym prior to my foot surgery but for some reason it is not coming back to me. I have excelled on the diet portion with some bobbles along the way. The key is to plan and have food in the house ... when that does not happen, the bobbles appear. What have I learned? Be prepared, no excuses! I will strive to "Kick it up a notch" as one great chef likes to say! Til next time - Christine