Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The last stretch!

The end of this phase is almost here .... it is sad but we will keep in touch, that is for sure! I have really enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing you all on the 19th. I will not make the next two Saturday meetings ... company this weekend and the Komen walk on the 18th.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please Donate - Susan G Komen

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support the Komen Indianapolis Race for the Cure on April 18, 2009 in the fight against breast cancer.

Please consider donating!

If you have trouble reaching my site ... let me know. Thanks in advance for your support!

Your tax-deductible contribution will fund innovative outreach and awareness programs for medically underserved communities in 21 central Indiana counties and national breast cancer research.

To sponsor via standard mail, please send checks only (no cash!) to:
Indianapolis Race for the Cure
P.O. Box 6069
Department 84
Indianapolis, IN 46202-6069

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They did not fit but now they do!

I have a pair of pants that I tried to get on not that long ago but had to move them to the back of the closet since they did not meet in the middle to button or zip. I decided to try them on this AM and low and behold .... they fit. They fit so nice, they are not even tight! Way to go Christine! It is like having a new piece of clothing but I did not have to spend a dime!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a powerful Saturday meeting!

My friend Sal is in town but having missed last week's meeting I did not want to miss this one. She went off for a mani/pedi and I headed to the meeting. I was really glad that I went and put off the rest and relaxation that comes from having your nails done .... that will come on another day! Besides Sal and I have the rest of the day for shopping and cooking up some Mexican at the house tonight.

So, back to the meeting. Nikki told us about her wonderful trip. Chris talked about energies and the importance of keeping positive forces near you at all times. Margaret shared a touching story of giving without expectation of anything in return and how good that feels. I decided after Alison's party to also have one once the weather warmed up. Sitting in today's meeting, I decided mine would be a garden party. We have been watching our garden grow the last few weeks. We are growing most everything from seeds this year. We have them under lights, give them plenty of water and lots of positive energy and words! Yes, I talk to my plants! Chris ended by reading us a story ... really great stuff!

What was most unexpected today was after the meeting as I drove home wiping an occasional tear from my eye .... I flipped on the radio and there was my friend Gloria Gaynor belting out the song "I WILL SURVIVE". Now I don't know about you but I can't help but crank that tune up and sing! How fitting to hear that song after our meeting today.
I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give and I'll survive, I will survive.
Amen sister! We will all survive!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missed my work out yesterday ....

I was in back to back meetings and could not get away to exercise. The evening was equally busy so I went down and did the dreadmill today at lunch and will Zumba tonight so that I make up my missed workout. Yea for me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who needs chips!

I found the 'new' chip ... celery! I love the taste, it is crunchy and you burn more calories digesting it than what it actually has it in! How can you beat that?!?!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Won't fail!

I got myself down to our weight room with the intent to walk on the dreadmill for 45 minutes. I look into my workout bag and no shoes! My high priced but properly fitted shoes are home on the landing in another bag, lonely. It it a good thing, I think to myself that I am still wearing tennis shoes since my surgery a year ago. Although the fit is not good and they typically make my calves really tight after about 1/2 mile .... I say to myself, 'Self, you can get your butt in there with these shoes and just see how much of the 45 minutes you can do. Something is better than nothing!' So I get on the mill and start her up; low and behold, I got 30 minutes in! Yea for me! My calves did not seize up the way they were before my new shoe purchase so I was glad for that. If the sun stays out, I might just go home, put on my new shoes and get another little walk in while enjoying the fresh air and sun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cirque - What a wonderful show!

My honey took me to see Cirque du Soleil's show Saltimbanco. It was great ... some of the things those people are able to do with their bodies is amazing and what strength it takes. David had never seen a show ... me, I've been fortuneate to see at least 4 but he can't stop talking about it. I think the next trip to see his parents in FL will involve a trip to see the show (La Nouba) at Downtown Disney! If you get a chance to see the show, do it! Let me know what you think .... have a great weekend and hope to see many of you on Saturday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Please come this Saturday!

Hey group,
I will be at the meeting on Saturday ... I hope others will make it. I missed last week since I went out of town and can use some group interaction! Hope you can make it!
My last week was not so good due to more bread and potatoes than I like but we are moving into a new week and I will go back to the colorful food varieties! I also had a reaction to the shot in my foot so that slowed me down. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out and enjoy the air ... clear some cobwebs that have invaded my brain over the winter. With any luck David and I might be able to get out on our bikes even if it is just a neighborhood ride. We also got Wii Fit and while it won't take the place of exercises that I currently do, it is an added bonus. You do work up a sweat doing it and we vow to do at least 30 minutes a day!
Enjoy the week and hope to see you on Saturday.

One more thing ... If I can figure out how, I am going to change my "At slugs pace towards healthy" .... it is kind of depressing and needs a positive spin. Chat soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The hard work paid off!

I got on the scale on Wednesday AM and was happy to see I was down 3 or 4 pounds BUT when I got to work and plugged in the numbers .... it was actually 4.2 gone! I am so proud of the planning that I did for food and getting my a$$ on the dreadmill each day! Yea for me! This week however has been a challenge. I got a steroid shot in my foot to help the scar tissue from the surgery I had a year ago. It has slowed down the exercise at least for a day maybe two. I know from last week I can do this! Looking forward to more great progress!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

See the blog Chris wrote - here are my thoughts

How we precieve the things around us really impacts us, our out look, our feelings and emotions. I let this drag me down for some time and then something snapped and I get it now. I find that taking one day at a time is what helps me get through the things I need to do whether it be work, home, exercising, etc.
I have pain with the exercise I am doing but I look at it as a reminder that I have moved and done something good for myself. I also remind myself that if I stop, the pain will only get worse!
Honestly, I never thought about the packing lunch at might thing but sometimes it does seem like a chore. I can tell you, if I put my mind to it and pack, I am happier at work because I have healthy options at my finger tips. It is easier to turn down someone that asks if I want to go out if I have my lunch and it is something yummy!
One of the girls here recently went to the candy machine for a bar of chocolately goodness. After seeing the calories, she wanted to split it with someone, I turned her down! My ego really wanted even just a bite but I stuck with my carrots and celery. The next day I asked if she wanted some of my candy and I put out carrots in my hand!
I love the last paragraph and it sums up what I feel inside ... there are ALWAYS sacrificies to make to get what you want! Have a healthy week! Peace out!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pictures from Alison's

Thanks so much for opening your home to us. It was a wonderful night! Chris, you would be proud to know that Jen's brussels sprouts was the first dish to be completely eaten!

Marinade / Dressing served at Alison's

We got this from the South Beach Diet book.

Dill Herb Dressing
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
1 teaspoon finely chopped garlic
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

In a screw-top jar, (David did it in a food processor) mix all ingredients.

We thought a squeeze of lemon or lime would be nice after having tasted this. We took raw, deveined, thawed shrimp and sauteed it in some of the dressing and poured it all over salad. You could even stir fry veggies (peppers, onions, broccoli, etc) to add to the salad or just eat it as a stir fry. I rarely use fresh herbs but highly recommend it! We cleaned the rest of the herbs, chopped them and froze them in a zip lock so they are ready for next time.

I am not sure about calories since it depends what you do with the dressing. Whatever you do, I guarantee it will be yummy!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks Coach Wendy!

Wasn't really feeling like exercising yesterday. I had the start of a migraine and cramps from it being that time of month (TMI?) so I stumble on an e-mail announcing that Zumba class is Thursday at 4:30. Delta is considering it as a regular class. I e-mailed Wendy to see if it was still on and how many signed up. As it turns out there are two of us! Anyway, by the end of the day the class grew to 6 and Wendy wanted to know if I was coming .... I said yes even though my body was saying no. We had closer to 10 and in the end I was glad I went and got it done .... no excuses, right?!?!? I went home to see dinner ready, thanks honey. I ate and took a migraine pill and went to bed. My day was complete on my check list for Chris! Looking forward to Allison's on Saturday hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yep that is my mountain of snow

I did it ... shoveled that evil white stuff off my driveway! Be careful out there!

Does shoveling count as exercise?!?!

What a work out this AM!!!!!!! We spent an hour and a half pushing, lifting and tossing many feet of snow! I can tell you, I was pushing an 8 or 9 on the old RPE scale! It is still coming down so I am sure I will have more 'exercise' ahead of me! Needless to say, I am home until we can get streets plowed. We hit the grocery store on Monday night so food is not an issue today ... no hitting the pantry for noodles or trying to scrounge a meal up in this house! If you are out in this stuff be careful ... if you are home enjoy the day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week one behind us

This is my second turn through the project and yesterday was the first time I attended the Saturday meeting. It was great to hear all the struggles and hear the enthusiasm in the group, it is really powerful stuff. If you have not had a chance to meet on Wednesday or Saturday with the group, I encourage you to do so. Reflecting on the week, I was not perfect but that gives me a few things to work on this week .... it is good to have goals and plans. I am ready for the week ahead.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Evaluation of the first day

Was I perfect? No but I tried and that is what counts in my mind. One of the girls at work was out with knee replacement through the holidays and she came back to work yesterday. Anyone that works at Delta knows that is time for food .... actually anytime is time for food! They brought in bagels for her return. I have such a weakness for that yummy, toasty, bread! I can say I am not a fan of the sugary cinnamon type but love the asiago, blueberry and thank goodness they only make the cranberry walnut during the Christmas holiday because those are the best! I did celebrate the return of a co-worker but I only had half a bagel. I pat myself on the back for only taking half and have vowed to stay out of bagel joints for 12 weeks. You see bread, rolls and yeasty concoctions are my down fall. Why is it that it is so bad for you?!?!? I did get my cardio in at lunch so I am proud of that.

Looking forward to what today has to offer .... my mind is occupied with the inauguration so perhaps food won't be such a challenge today. I am excited to see the change that our new president brings to us as a nation and look inward to the change that I can bring to myself through the next 12 weeks.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is the day

I am ready to go on the project. The food and plans are in place for a great kick off .... let's get this going! Looking forward to the journey with a great group of people!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Plan is in place!

The new project members met last night and it was a wonderful kick off meeting. Chris did a great job and there were a number of the test pilots there too. I met one on one with Chris and my goals are in writing. No backing down now! I know where I am going and have the tools I need. The rest must come from within me! Looking forward to the eval on Sunday and might venture out with the brave souls for the mile walk which is part of the eval. Chris gave us the option to complete on our own due to weather .... I however have new fleece walking pants to try out! Thanks honey! Chat soon ....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a range of New Year Emotions

We started off the New Year with my brother's wedding. It went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all! They are off in Hawaii enjoying the warm 80's weather while we are here with the sleet! It took most the weekend to recover from the two days of prep and partying with the wedding but it was all worth it.

I went from this high emotion to a low. I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine suffered a stroke. She is healthy and in her mid-40's! I am still stunned by this news and it is hard being two hours away where all I can do is pray. While I know that is what she needs as she undergoes tests and rests; it is still hard not to be by her side. The docs believe at this time that a small hole in her heart caused the stroke but they still have some tests results to read.

David and I will head north this weekend. My uncle is no longer able to garden and we have inherited all his stuff. We will get get stuff for growing to planting to canning. Needless to say David is really excited about this and I am too since I love to eat everything he plants! We had fun over the last week going through seed books as he wants to do everything from seed this year. It is a lot of fun for us! I will share the goods too which is fun as well!

We will make a stop to see my friend as well so that I can see for myself that she is ok. I guess God has his ways of reminding us every now and then to slow down, take care of ourselves and appreciate what we have right here and now. Take one day at a time because you never know what the cards hold for you or how long you will have with your loved ones.

I have devoted time to prep my mind for the upcoming weeks on the project. I will be at the Wednesday night meeting. I am having a hard time with our eval on Sunday since I have a number of things I want to accomplish up north. I feel in my heart that missing this is not the way to start the program however, I also want to have the chance to fit everything in up north. I also feel in my heart that a visit with my friend will help. She has always been motivational on my healthy lifestyle endevors and perhaps that is where I need to be at the start of this part of the journey. We will see .... I will meditate on this over the evening as it is a meditation day!

Take care and hug your loved ones often! Chrisitne